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Rush Rewards Loyalty Points

Earn rush rewards on every purchase.. Earn Free Rush Poppers Every purchase earns 5% in points called “rush rewards”. Rush rewards earn you free Rush Poppers or any brand you want! The more often you buy, the more you earn! Another reason why “Poppers 4 U” is Where to buy poppers!

Double Scorpio Black

Double Scorpio Black Label leather Poppers

Hi! It’s your dedicated although occasionally wayward and always physically generous Warehouse Manager, Xavier Zuniga. I am continuing to enjoy my good fortune in that Neal is continuing to allow me to dip into the treasured Double Scorpio line for testing purposes. Double Scorpio is the biggest thing to hit the solvent cleaner market since […]

Wholesale Poppers


Poppers4U is proud to offer wholesale pricing on orders of 36 bottles or more.  Our wholesale pricing is among the most competitive in the marketplace and you just can’t beat our over the top selection of 53 brands to choose from. You never need to worry about quality when buying wholesale from Poppers4U.  We sell […]

What are Poppers Today and Are They Safe?

Most poppers sold in the United States today are actually solvent cleaners from a class of chemicals known as alkyl nitrites. The original poppers was a prescription medication, first discovered and used to treat the heart condition angina, called amyl nitrate.  Amyl nitrates were removed from the market when better medications were found.  Today, isobutyl […]

Mix and Match

MIX and Match discount poppers

MIX and MATCH discounts arrive today.. Previously discounts existed when you purchase multiples of EACH single Item, starting today, on MIX and Match pricing applies within 3 groups: 10ml Nearly Every Brand of Poppers (excluding double scorpio ) Savings up to 16% off 3 bottles or up to 33% off 6 bottles. 30ml – […]

Counterfeit Poppers and Fake Solvents

poppers4u popper fakes

Increasingly we find that fake poppers are flooding the United States marketplace.  China seems to be the source of most of the counterfeits we find in the retail marketplace although some online sellers are also selling, knowingly or unknowingly, Chinese fakes as well.  You never know what effect fake poppers will have, often they have […]

Xavier Zuniga Reviews CRYPT TONIGHT

Crypt tonight Poppers - like superman

Hi!  It’s your intrepid and overly generous Warehouse Manager Xavier Zuniga here again with more tales from the testing facility.  I’d decided to test out Crypt Tonight since it is one of our best priced products, even better priced when you buy two, and I am back with a report. This time I used two […]