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Why Our Affiliate is One of the Best

It’s very simple. Our affiliate plan is a top money earner. We pay a huge 30% commission on all sales. Because, when you make money, we make money. Plus, we pay on everything. Check us out and see for yourself.

$5 Enrollment Bonus
30% Commission
$100 Payouts
365 Day Cookies
Real-Time Stats

Affiliate Plan – We Show You the Money

First, you earn $5 for just enrolling. And, then you get 30% commission on everything you sell. And, it’s that easy. Because, we have high conversion rates and 30% revenue share, you make money. Hence, you get paid for your efforts posting ads. And, we do the work. Finally, our system tracks and pays top dollar for every client you send our way.

We Provide all Ads

We provide the creative ads and links embedded with your affiliate code, So, all you do is place advertising. It’s that simple. Also, the visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for 365 days or 1-year. So, if they visit again and buy within a year, BABAM, you get paid another 35% commission. That’s it! Because, you send us business. So, we send you money! Join now and get a $5 signup bonus with first payout.

Affiliate Terms of Use

Be sure to read and understand the Affiliate Terms of Use. We want everyone to make money, however, we reserve the right to terminate your participation immediately in the program if we discover a violation to our terms.

Affiliate Terms of Use

W-9 Tax Form

All affiliate programs require you to fill out a W-9 for payments exceeding the IRS guide currently $600. You must submit your W-9 to us prior to any payment. It’s easy. Just click and fill in the form.

W-9 Tax Form